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DSC_2052 DSC_1861 This post is very important to us and to continued from our previous post ‘ Mast Head Rigging Check‘.  After we took head sail furler down after Stephen has found the damage part at the mast head fitting that causes the head sail to jam. It had happened a few times before when we were out. We must fix it as it would only get worse and could cause a big problem if we cannot fold the head sail in time.

Silvia and Ralph came up with their special tools to design a snag cover with industrial graded plastic.  They had found it washed up on a beach in Alaska It is 2 pieces square in shape. Measured in  size to cover the damage part. DSC_2014 Over the last couple of years we have got to know Ralf and Silvia and have become good friends. They are very good people and have shared much of their knowledge and experiences with us. And encouraged us not to give up on our dream when we got despondent. Steve had the idea but he admits he did not have the skill to create this piece. It took about 8 hours to manufacture and to fit the piece.  Total cost. $4 for stainless bolts and $1 for the bit of epoxy putty. All they would accept was a Pad Thai dinner we shared on the boat that night.

Here it i clamped job done.
Repair completed $5 (replacement $ 3,500).
Time for the heroin to descend
Time for the heroin to descend

Pad Thai on board

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It is nice that we can have Pad Thai once in a while on board.   I think It is good to keep this menu on board, make it simple but still keep the original taste of the sauce. Pad Thai sauce ingredients (Including Palm sugar, Tamarind paste and fish sauce) can kept in a dry place}  Without vegetables we can growth our own bean sprouts from mung beans seeds. These work better in a warmer climate. Then red onion, eggs, cooking oil and dry flakes chilli and paprika powder. That’s all we need. Peanut and meat is a choice we can add as we wish.

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