Mast Head Rigging Check

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Second week of March 2014

We take off the head sail. This is so we can do some maintenance  on the Hood  ‘Sea furler’  This is to do some repairs so as to make sure it is in good condition as we travel across the oceans.

Silvia and Ralph, our Swiss cruiser friends (They both are ship builder)  came to help to bring it down.

The first day, Steve went up to do some checking and measuring as he has to do one of the harder jobs in attaching a special fitting to secure another forestay for our storm sail.

Steph climb up to check first, not very comfortable and the windy conditions made it difficult to work as the boat was moving. Still no rain and the temp was above 0c so we do not want to waste time.

And second day Silvia help to do this. She climb quickly as if she hiking. She is much lighter than Steph and he winched her to the top very fast.

Finally we take down the sea furl. One part has been damaged from normal wear and tear so now we must try and manufacture a piece to fit and fix.. Then the fun part someone must climb to put it back top of the mast. Luksana’s  tern 🙂

After these mast job we are done! No more things to do. Then the adventure begins.

Have a good week.


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2nd Day

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