Mast steps # Re do it again

DSC_0064 Change from the Weak to Strong.

Last week Stephen took all the mast steps off and re-install them back one by one step with 70 new bolts.  To re do this task a second time because one mast step had fall down.  Which meant that 70 rivets had to be drilled out, the steps re-drilled, the mast re-drilled and tapped for the bolt threads and then everything matched up so that 5 new bolts for each of the 14 steps  fit and good be tightened on.


Anchor chains

Sprays the anchor chains We remark the white spray to know how deep we use the anchor chain when we anchorage in the tropical ocean. DSC_0169

Of course the weather is not the best for doing this. Last days frozen and clear today threatening to rain which it did. I did notice the boat bow came up 4 inches when we took the chain out. Still this and the Anchor is the single most important safety gear on the boat. So we can sleep well at nights at anchor.

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