The Golden Retriever “Exclusive Nature Park”


Sunny day in April 2013, Northern British Columbia, Photographs by Luksana


Wilderness Trees in spring are so  friendly  to the eye as they start to bud and green.We start to see new kinds of wild life such as swans in the  lakes. Geese travel back from Mexico. (they will stop at the same place each year) A friend told the story about how he shoot the geese (illegal) and the meat is really tough as rubber. Imagine that how far the geese fly from Alaska then Northern British Columbia to Mexico in fall. Later in April (Spring) all geese fly back from Mexico to Alaska. Each year we will see these big group of geese stop by after a long day of  labour flight. (This is another of wild animal I have learn from) They are great patience animal.

‘Maisie’, our Golden Retriever guest, loves spending time outdoors which is the  most happiness for the golden retriever.  The special place we named  ‘ The Golden Retriever’s privileged Resort & Spa’  never disappoints them  Golden Retriever always want to come again to swim, play in the clear clean water, to roll over the sand…  May be it’s their dream place of explore and adventure in wilderness place.  I am glad that Gitwinksihlkw is one of the place they will find memorable and want to come back to visit again.


This is our recent record the joy of wilderness pool 🙂


  1. Thanks Livebliss. Yes, not all the dog love water. I think it is about training since the dog are small puppy. I have seen some of golden breed but avoid the water. Most our golden guest(s) love swimming and they crying for that, sometimes swim in the small-medium current. so we must think about the safety too. 🙂

  2. Me dá um pouco de angústia ver estas senas, mas quando treinados os cães são excelentes nadadores.

    Una saudação a você desde o Brasil.

    1. Thank you Mama. Before I think your dog love water that is surprised that he get away from water. Maisie I must take her out two times a day, morning and evening so she will not make a frown face. It is pretty hot this week here.. I feel like California strawberry ice cream…:)

  3. Thank you for stopping by Marie, Maisie is our guest so I taking care of her. She is 8 years now. I am glad you like this post. She is so enjoy anywhere with water 🙂 Buddy is great dog too. I am wondering if the golden can stay with German sherperd. The personality is different.

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