Spring on the Wild Nass River with the Golden Retriever

April 2013, Gitwinksihlkw, Northern British Columbia

Greetings from wilderness river,

Our post for today is about exploring and playing in the icy water of the Nass River. Finally spring have arrived in Northern British Columbia, someday we have sun but mostly cloudy and cold. ‘Maisie, an 8 year old golden retriever is our guest. Most Golden enjoy the nature outdoor here with walking, new smell and swimming, all the Golden Retriever’s have so much fun with swimming  here in the pure water.  We walk from home about ten minutes to the river that surround with big forest and in early spring the river is still shallow, imagine that this whole area is your garden because no one else around.

The  icy water flows slower than in summer. In the  summer  this river will fill with different types of salmon and water will be higher It will be not a good idea to do this play time in late spring or summer because of  bears want to catch fish. 

Maisie keep swim as if the water is warm. So I record many of pictures.

Have a great outdoor 🙂



photograph by Luksana


    1. Thanks Sunish, we did had fun when its sunshine. (not often) we both have sense of adventure. Wish I can have 3 goldens gang that should be more fun: Muddy, Whiskey and Maisie. Have a great day 🙂

    1. Live blissful, thanks for stopped by.. First time to see your dogs they both are white and looks gentle. I hope your neighbor treat nice with your dogs.

    1. Hi Anyes, Before I am not sure that other people will like to see this northern part of BC. anyway, see cherry blossom from your photograph. so wild here..:) thanks for stopping by.

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