Sailing the Greek islands from Donousa – Naxos – Kythnos

2024 cruising the Cyclades island

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From Donousa island to Naxos island

Log book
May 21st, 2024 We lifted our ⚓️ and leave Donousa island at 6.50 a.m. wind 9.2 kts, speed 7.2 kts. We have two plans. First plan A we will motoring to the north of Naxos island which is difficult before becomes easy OR Plan B is sailing to the south of Naxos then up to the wind. Which is easy before it becomes difficult.
(At 7.30 a.m. wind 11 – 15 kts, speed 7.9 – 7 kts and around 8 a.m. wind developed to 14.5 kts, speed 6.8 kts 

We chose plan A. Blue star ferry passing by. We used mainsail and headsail to stable the boat. After we reach to north point of the island wind dropped to 3.5 kts

….We begin to see temple of Apollo and background of White House and building. We approached to Naxos Marina and smooth docking around 11 a.m. Dock master is friendly he charged for 2 nights = 50 Euros (not including water and electricity. Facilities instruction is on paper.

I’m very excited to set foot on Naxos island. Anthony Bourdain came to Naxos 10 years ago. .

You may interested to watch “PARTS UNKNOW” THE GREEK ISLAND —>NAXOS

The Portara of Naxos (or the Great Door) is a massive marble doorway that stands proudly as the jewel of Naxos.
Town of Naxos from The Temple of Apollo.
Perfumes are the feelings of flowers.” – Heinrich Heine
Golden retrievers for sale.

22 May Walk to find port police office which is at the coastguard building with Greek flag can see from front road. A bit disappointed we did not rent a motorcycle to explore more of this fertile island. Dock master told us it can takes time for 5 days to see on this island.
23 May extended one more night stay. There are many bakery shops I bought from Bakery box, the lady at the shop are impressive kind. Tried Naxos bakery is also good.

Naxian potatoes of course! The best potatoes in Greece grows in Naxos.
organic (left) or not organic to try them both.

From Naxos island to Kythnos island

24 May 2024 Untied rope at 7 a.m. wind 6 kts, speed 7.1 its calm water. Around 8.41 a.m. wind 12 kts, speed 7.4 kts (full mainsail+motoring) later use headsail and speed 7.9 kts 

At 3 p.m. we arrived in harbour of Merichas village which located on the west side. Dock stern tied only. fees 15 euros per one night (not included water and electricity) We think the village is ok.

A small village where travelers come from by ferry. There are more newly built houses on the hills. We decided to stay only one night.