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From Leros to Kalymnos island

Log book

Tuesday, November 1st  2022 
11.56 a.m. Leaving Lakki Marina, Leros  {see port police in the morning  to get a stamp and report our next destination. Phill from {s/y southern star IV} came stopped by to say good bye after his appointment with custom office} He will bring his boat to Finike, Turkey.
3.30 p.m. we arrived The harbour of Pothia, Kalymnos island 
          Med style dock. Tired from the day with new environment, busy town with many cars on this rocky island. One sailboat docked. Anyway the harbour full of local commercial boats. 

1-3 November 2022 {3 nights stay} On Kalymnos Island

Government Water front Dock 
facilities power = yes {extra charge]
water = yes but is not portable water {extra charge}
dock fees = charged €27.37 for 3 nights {without power and water}

We arrived at the mooring we had to anchor the boat before reverse to tie both stern. We need more practice! 😆 😂 There is only 1 sailboat docked. Welcome to low season. 😃 p.s. We have to pay fees unlike Lakki that was free thanks to John Rogers’s paying for a years moorage. Next day more boat came and almost full.

The next day we got used to the atmosphere and felt good about the place and the people on this island.

Life by the Sea

On The Kalymnos Island

mountainous and rocky Kalimnos is a commercial fishing Town. the harbour of Pothia, a capital of Kalymnos full of fishing boats, Tourist boats, stop for Ferry and sailboats to dock.

colourful buildings in pothia town, build in the shape of an amphitheatre on the shape of twO hills. Italian influenced neoclassical mansions, stone built and local built construction.

Kalymnos ที่เต็มไปด้วยภูเขาและโขดหินเป็นเมืองประมงเชิงพาณิชย์ ท่าเรือของ Pothia เมืองหลวงของ Kalymnos เต็มไปด้วยเรือประมง เรือท่องเที่ยว เรือข้ามฟากและเรือใบจอดเทียบท่า
อาคารสีสันสดใสในเมืองโพเทีย สร้างเป็นแบบอัฒจันทร์บนเนินเขาสองลูก คฤหาสน์สไตล์นีโอคลาสสิกที่ได้รับอิทธิพลจากอิตาลี มีบ้านสร้างด้วยหินและการก่อสร้างในแบบกรีกทั่วไป
Local architecture
The Greek mythology, Nike is the winged goddess of victory. Works for me!
The narrow street of Pothia. This a two way street!
Kalymnos is sponge divers and sponge fishing center in Greece.
Read more about The Greek sponge diver who became a statue on Kalymnos
Yah yah, So he has big muscles and a bigger fork! / Stephen

The Greeks on the island probably knew each other. Is like a big family! Every morning, people like to sit at the coffee shop and chat, watching people passing by. At this time of the year there are very few tourists. Most of them are local.

Basil or olive trees in pots are placed as ornamental plants in front of every restaurant. Pothia city is commercial fishing, so there are aquatic animals. mediterrenien Various squid, octopus, prawns, small fish species, are on sale some days in the morning to late.
Octopus boiled in white wine+ red wine vinegar + bay leaves {do not add water and salt}

s/y No worries Moody’s galley I called him Fred. She said he was yummy. / Stephen

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