Unexpected visitor


Well we tried
So where do we have to hide for you not to be able to find us?

Greetings from Our Cozy Cabin

Since the day we left Prince Rupert we think that we will probably never meet all those people we know again. Garry is the one we never think we will have a chance to meet him again. But then again you never know.:-)

A nice sunny Saturday late in the morning there was a man with a camera in hand making a video coming close to Beautiful Swimmer. Look like he is recording a video while Luksana is sun bathing in the cockpit & drinking coffee. Luksana said the man look familiar but who is crazy guy making a video of this boat.?Nothing is interesting. Luksana got all shy and then started bouncing up and down shouting “It’s Garry.. Garry. Well, who is Garry no one is called Garry in the Village we know. But she was right it was Garry. Sailing Association Garry from Rupert. WOW what great surprise!!

Garry had been visiting an old Sailing Mate, Rick in Nanaimo and had excepted an invitation to check out a guys camper on floats (motor boat) with an electrical problem. Unknown to him we were anchored in the bay at Bamfield.  So we had a short visit before they had to head back to their world on the other side. It was nice to see and experience the company of an old and good friend again. Pity it was short but then again it was great to touch base with a part of our lives from what seems so long ago.

We sometimes get invited to the home which is filled with persons we meet often. Now BS is docked at west Bamfield. So we are officially “Westsiders” We have to  pay for the moorage in this government dock for $ 200 per month which included power and water.

This place is well known for the winter storm. Some night we can hear it all night with the wind come from the south. But we are content in our cosy cabin.  We are now a part of a small and yet tight community who are quick to welcome and slow to judge.  All ages and from all walks of life, we are happy to have found a home from home.  As the nights close in and the morning weather is less than welcoming to our 5.30am trip up the harbour we think we will be OK here this winter.

One of the neat things that happens here is that people get together and meet at Brady”s Beach. Whether it be by design or chance it is always a spectacular place to pass the time of day with friends.

Bamfield Marine Station

The Cadi was in the shop so we used the royal launch to go to the ball.