BC Inside Passage | From Hartley Bay to Bishop Bay

At Bishop Bay {Hot Springs}

Hartley Bay to Bishop Bay

Monday 14 April 2014 Today our morning coffee discussion is to leave Hartley Bay for Klemtu. Shortly after leaving Luksana ran over the only log in the ocean! Actually these waters are full of debris from the logging on the coast.  They lie with the wind and so are hard to see in the chop, especially in the early morning light. We rolled the log under the bow. The procedure is to get the prop out of gear so as to minimize the chance of serious damage. The log came clear amidships, and it was not until a couple of days later we discovered the damage we had done to a very important piece of equipment. The sun is not bright with shade from the cloud. We leave Hartley Bay at 08.10 a.m DSC_0204 11.00 a.m. Pilot Point Watching carefully for more logs. We saw many. 6 Knots A large cloud system came cover the area quickly. We open radio and listened to a new  Gale Warning!  from coast guard. After 3 hours of butting into strengthening head winds we changed our destination today from Klemtu to Bishop Bay to avoid gale. We will never make it to Klumtu anyway with the run of 3 k. Start to rain 13.10 p.m. Tied up at Bishop Bay Beware Danger Mice ! On our last visit in 2011 we got mice on board. That is a real pain and they made nests and where very hard to get rid of. They also can be very destructive, especially eating through wires etc. Of course with the ton of rice flour pasta on board I am sure any mouse would think our boat as the promised land. To prevent mice from climbing onboard the boat, Stephen cut beer cans and put them across the mooring lines that connect to the dock. We met a brand new luxury boat “Mermaid Explorer” destined for Australia, docked and stay overnight.