The Nass Valley, Home of The Nisga’a (continued)

Greetings from our forest,

Today we are continued the previous post of  Nisga’a Hobiyee in Gitwinksihlkw. During this time we spent time with Silvia and Rolf, a Swiss couple who have spent 19 years Sailing around and around the world and they spent a lot of time  in French Polynesia. They have shared many stories and good advice for our upcoming visit to French Polynesia countries.

There are very few people living in the Northern British Columbia.  Our village has about  200 people. Therefore this place is unspoilt from visitor, super natural and very peaceful, we can spending time with nature  plus probably wild animals as much as you like.

DSC_3400There is one small hot spring to visit but need a car to get there. I am glad that we did not have golden retrievers this time because the people here told us about pack of wolves was near by the pool of hot springs recently.

The long winter here is up to 5 months but for this year the climate change so much so we did not have heavy snows like before.

What the Nisga’a (Aboriginal) people do in Springs?

  •     They do Fishing The first nation can do fishing Oolichan, Steelhead, Halibut and Spring Salmon (not everyone can do fishing without the legal license that separated between the native nation and the white man).
  • They Berries picked.
  • They catch for seafood there are Cockles, clams, Chinese slippers, Abalone and seaweed.

  • They plants gather for Labrador tea, fern roots and shoots, cow parsnip, ferns for cleaning salmon and fireweed shoots.

  • They hunting for moose, bear, beaver, seals and sea-lion, grouse, herring gulls, ducks and geese.

  • They preserve salmon such salmon in jar, smoked and dried salmon.


  1. Hope your sailing plans work out. You will love Polynesia whether it be french polynesia, tonga, samoa etc….love the juxtaposition of and enjoy.Thai recipes with the nisga’a and refitting the boat. Keep working at it.

    1. Thank you Sage on sail for your kind comment. We will try our best to make it happen. Enjoy reading your blog! 🙂

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