Sakoo Sai Moo (สาคูไส้หมู)

Tradition Thai Appetizer, Sakoo Sai Moo สาคูไส้หมู called in Thai or Steamed Tapioca filled with seasoned ground pork and middle line is Ma Hor ม้าฮ่อ, another name of appetizer use similar filling

Our presentation for this week is one of traditional Thai appetizer that is nice for cocktail party. Steamed tapioca pearls filled with seasoned ground pork, a tasty chewy appetizer tradition  served with leafy green lettuce, cilantro and fiery prik kee nu, fresh Thai chili peppers, giving it a bright flavor blast to the savory filling.

ingredients (Making estimated 50 pieces)

454 grams  (one package) Pearls Tapioca, wash and soak at room temperature water for half – one hour, will see pearls tapioca bloat, Drain and knead by hand until sticky, rest aside

400 grams Lean ground pork

350  grams  shallots, coarsely chopped

350  grams  Pickle Turnip, wash and squeeze the water out then coarsely chopped

350 grams  Coconut palm sugar, grated

250 grams  Roasted peanut or cashew nuts, Coarsely chopped, I use cashew nuts

1 tsp  grind black pepper

1 Tbsp  fish sauce

1 garlic  coarsely chopped


1. Fry chopped garlic with 3-4 tbsp of cooking oil in low-medium heat until fragrant and golden brown. Transfer to a small cup.

2. Preparation of Pearl Tapioca by washing in water using a strainer. Then soak with room-cold temperature water for half to one hour. You will notice that the pearls will absorb water and bloat. Strain the pearls to a bowl and use hand to knead until the pearls sticky together then rest aside.

3. Prepare the filling ingredients are grated coconut palm sugar, shallot, pickle turnip, ground pork and coarsely chopped cashew nuts.

4. Cook the filling by heat a cooking pan use medium or medium – high heat, add palm sugar and fish sauce to melt. Add shallot and stir occasionally until the sauce became sticky. Add chopped turnip and keep stir until the sauce became thick. Add ground pork and keep stir and break the chunk to finest Let pork cooked well and thicken the sauce. Then add chopped cashew nuts, toss them well. Turn off the heat. Transfer the filling to a bowl and let cool.

The texture of the filling is a sticky chewy and it taste sweetened flavor from coconut palm sugar, pickled turnip and salt flavor from fish sauce and pickle turnip. The taste of salt is vary from the turnip that some pickle for sweet turnip or salt turnip (if you can read it from the package), Open the bag and try, recommended to wash before chop to prevent too salty taste or too sweet of pickle turnip.

5. Prepare a tray and lay clear plastic film to put on the filling ball. Use a hand to shape teaspoon of filling to a ball and arrange  on a tray. This recipe can make about 50 pieces.

6. Prepare another tray for the finish Tapioca pearls. Shape tapioca pearls by hand, for one ball use about one table spoon of pearl tapioca. Use a finger to shape it round and flat,  Add one piece of filling in middle and use finger to seal well. If it sticky to your finger touch a little water and continue. Be careful, not to make any hole in the ball or the filling will show after it has been steamed.

7. Cover with clear plastic film and keep in refrigerator, if you want to steam at the same day. In case you make in advance,  keep in the freezer. If ready to steam, put on banana leaf on steamer, when the water boiling, add Sakoo balls and steam until the pearls became clear that will takes time about 7-12 minutes. Transfer to a banana leave or on plate and sprinkle with fry garlic oil to prevent each Tapioca balls to stick together. Prepare for a serving plate and condiments tradition including fresh coriander, fresh chili and green lettuce. (I did not present the green lettuce  and whole fresh chilis for this presentation)

In the middle line is grape fruit cuts and topping with the filling. Original use pineapple will use and it’s named “Ma – Hor”  ม้าฮ่อ Sour fruit like orange or grape fruit is still can find to use for “Ma Hor”.

Serve at room temperature.