Thai custard in pumpkin

A traditional Thai dessert, Steamed coconut custard in Pumpkin – สังขยาฟักทอง

Our presentation today is a traditional Thai dessert, Steamed coconut custard in Pumpkin.  We use Kabocha or Japanese pumpkin, In Thailand, it is called “Fak Thong” or golden squash. This fine smooth custard made from fresh coconut cream, palm sugar, eggs and flavor aroma with pandanus leaves.


1  Small pumpkin, the weight is estimated 1,000 grams, Prefer  Kabocha winter  squash or Japanese Pumpkin, fully matured selected for its vibrant flavor

4 – 5 Large Eggs

1 cup  Fresh coconut cream

3/4 cup  Coconut palm sugar, fine crushed

3-4 leaves  Pandanus leaves called Bai Tooey in Thai, medium cut

a pinch of salt 


1. Preparation pumpkin by clean, remove the seeds. Today I made special carving for pumpkin.

2. Preparation for fresh coconut cream , I use one small coconut to produce, left over coconut cream we can make a bowl of Tom kha soup.

3. Bring a steamer to a boil and start to make coconut custard by combining eggs, palm sugar, a pinch of salt and mix with a spatula Then add one cup of coconut cream and use one hand (covered with plastic bag before) to squeeze the ingredients together. Make sure the palm sugar are not a lump, at this point coconut custard will get an aroma from pandanus. Then use a strainer to separates and use a fine strainer to pour into pumpkin. (The same as we make caramel custard)

4. After the stemmer boiling, Bring the top to lay cheese cloth and add whole pumpkin on, cover the lid. Adjust the heat to medium

and steam for about an hour. The only steamer I have is not large.  When custard cooked the volume will rise up to an inch. Check the custard is cooked by use a toothpick insert the same as cake, it come out clean is finish. Let cool.

5. Use a sharp knife to cut and serve.

Wish you a happy weekend.


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