Panang Sauce with Lamb Cutlets

Panang curry {พะแนง} is best served with Steamed Jasmine Rice

Work out with Coconut 15 minutes fresh from shell.

Before you work out the coconut meat from the shell please make sure your eyes are protected. Use one coconut can make about 1 cup of panang curry. Take meat out from coconut shell then cut the brown skin out. This will help food processor not work  too hard. Use warm-hot water add to coconut before starting blender about 1.5-2 cups to get coconut cream. Squeeze with hand through strainer. separate coconut cream. Make second time for coconut milk. (More about produce coconut cream and coconut milk here)

Panang Ingredients and cooking 20-30 minutes

5-6 leaves Fresh Kaffir lime leaves

My kaffir lime still look fresh and taste great because it was fresh from Grand Prairie 2 months ago!  With a long drive, more than two days, to get home from our vacations. I took care them best I could until I arrived home. Then I frozen them in a jar, after I covered  all the leaves with olive oil and secured the lid tight. The reason I do not buy frozen from the oriental shop is because they freeze the fresh kaffir lime but when you use in curry it smell like it is bruised and not good at all. Dried kaffir lime is too dried for me to use on proper Thai curry. Because this blog  post is about traditional Thai food I try to make authentic.

1 – 1.5 Tbsp  Panang curry paste (from Thailand)

1 – 1.5 Tbsp  Palm sugar

1.5-2 Tbsp  Fish sauce

1.5 -2 cup  coconut cream (Estimated)

1 cup  coconut milk (Estimated)

Heavy pan on a stove use medium high heat then add one ladle of coconut cream to fry with Pananag curry paste until bubble and the oil from coconut comes to the surface. Use a whisk or spatula to blend curry paste. Coconut Cream will start to  break down into oil, and start to dry. At this point add  another ladle of coconut cream. Do like this until coconut cream done.

Then add coconut milk, season with fish sauce and palm sugar. Let simmers until curry thickens and is a  glossy colour, add kaffir lime leaves. We did not use any oil but the oil on the surface is from coconut oil.

ps. Keep 2 tbsp of coconut cream for garnish and simmer it before.

Final taste Panang has a mix flavour of salty followed closely with sweetened from the palm sugar and  coconut cream,  but is not too sweet . When have with rice,  is perfect.

Sauce is ready!

Meat choice today and cook 10-12 minutes

Cook meat that you prefer.

I use about 450 – 500 grams of these lamb cutlets and Panang sauce is enough.

Meat cooking for Panang Generally if use a whole piece of chicken breast marinated with sea salt, black pepper, olive oil. Sear two sides then bake in the oven make sure it’s done. Then slices and put on the Panang sauce is a nice serve and garnish with a sprig of sweet basil.

If you already slices raw meat to bite size at generally, you will add slices meat after panange curry paste fry with coconut cream. The raw meat will start to cook at that time to make it fragrant.

Because Panang is good with just plain steamed fragrant jasmine rice. The Thicken sauce is so tasty already. Don’t think we need more fish sauce, soy sauce to put on. I am sorry i did not do good presentation today because I was hurry to take picture before the sun set and I don’t want to be late for one post per week. Panang I made today is delicious that the left over sauce touch the nose of two golden retrievers I must mix with rice for them to taste again and they enjoy a taste of Panang.



  1. This looks delicious, will probably use chicken since lamb is only available frozen here and loses its’ taste when frozen.Thanks! Ashok Date: Tue, 25 Sep 2012 06:57:48 +0000 To:

  2. Thank you, I got these Canadian lamb so it did not travel so far from Australia. Salmon steak is also good with Panang sauce. Keep tasting until the final taste is perfect and the way you like but a Key is fresh coconut cream. Please buy in carton box (not a can) if you don’t want to work out with coconut. Good luck

  3. @ Hungry Native, you are welcome to try on. As far as I know mostly people love Panang. using amount of coconut cream is always more than coconut milk. In Panang curry paste is already salty so careful about fish sauce. Good Luck

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