Swim in the turquoise pool of the forest

Would you love living in the area of wilderness? Here is some of the special scenery of our special environment where we live now, Nass Valley  located in North West of British Columbia Canada which is 100 km from the closet town call Terrace about 1.30 hours for drive. We do not mind this because we love the green forest and turquoise pools which freshen our hearts every time we drive home. It is not just the forest but the wild animals often seen such Black Bear, Coyote, Wolf, Moose Fox Cougar Bald Eagle , the list is almost endless. There is no fish in this turquoise pool that the ground is lava rock (It is not easy to walk barefoot because the sharp rock can cut your and the water will be dry out soon during the cold of winter. The Nass is well known of the spectacular lava bed which cover many waterfall, pools, river, lake and iconic Volcanic cone.