Cappuccino Cream Chocolate Cake

Cappuccino Cream Chocolate Cake

1 2/3 cups/200 g confectioner’s sugar, sifted

1 3/4 lb/750 g mascarpone cheese, well chilled

1 vanilla bean, split in half and seeds scraped out

15 fl oz/450 ml cream, well chilled

7 fl oz/200 ml freshly brewed strong espresso coffee (left to cool)

3 ½ fl oz/100 ml Coole Swan® liqueur

2 chocolate loaf cakes, 380 g each (store – bought or homemade)

cocoa powder, to dust

10-12 chocolate – covered coffee beans

2 tsp cocoa powder (good quality)






Using an electric whisk, mix the confectioners’ sugar, mascarpone cheese, and vanilla seeds until well combined. Whip 13 fl oz (375 ml) of the cream until soft peaks form and then fold into the mascarpone mixture.

Pour the coffee into a shallow dish and stir in the Coole Swan. Slice the chocolate loaves. Line the base and sides of a 9 in (23 cm) spring-form cake tin with parchment paper and wrap the outside in plastic wrap to avoid any leaks.

Dip 8 of the chocolate cake slices in the Coole Swan mixture to cover the bottom of the tin. It is important to only dip them in as you go along so they are not soaking for long and difficult to handle.

Cover the layer of soaked chocolate cake with a third of the mascarpone cream and then arrange in this way finishing with a mascarpone layer and place in the refrigerator to chill for 10 to 15 minutes.

When ready to serve, whip the rest of the cream in a clean bowl and transfer to a piping bag fitted with a star-shape nozzle. Carefully remove from the cake tin and transfer to a cake stand.

Give the cake a good even dusting of the cocoa powder and then pipe 10 to 12 peaks of cream around the edge of the cake 

and top each one with a chocolate – covered coffee bean.  Place in the middle of the table so that everyone can help themselves.


p.s. I am quite satisfied for this recipe from The New Irish Table. Due to lack of some equipment. I did not use a cake tin while making layers. Also mascarpone cheese is not enough so I replaced with cream cheese. Not have a Coole Swan so I use Grand Manier instead. Will do it again.