Anchorage in Sea of Cortez | Punta Pulpito to Bahia Conception

We anchored only one night at Punta Pulpito. Due to the shoreline being made of big rocks with sharp barnacle and a moderate swell surge Stephen did not want to risk ripping the inflatable boat by dropping me ashore. Early next morning we left around 5.30 a.m. before Erika and Ian. Heading to Bahia Conception.

December 27th, 2018

From Punta Pulpito to Bahia Santo Domingo

From Punta Pulpito to Bahia Santo Domingo is almost 40 miles. Once again it meant motoring. Once again have to thank Erica and Ian they stayed behind us the whole day incase our engine died again. which it did not. The North wind is not warm, and even when it shifted enough for us to motor sail it was still a chilly day. 7 1/2 hours later we arrive at Bahia Santo Domingo. We actually got to sail for the last 5 miles without the engine . Was a bit confusing at the entrance so we had to be careful about keep your boat far from shore and reef. Garmin Charts are really useless and so are the Navionics on Luksana’s iPad. It was watching water colour and sea state and a large amount of caution. Notice you will see a fisherman camp on left hand side of headland before Santo Domingo…Seashells beach. That would be fun to collect seashell on the sea shore. (Obviously the last little bit of enthusiasm was luksanas comment. Now if there had been a Tienda selling cold beer!!)

Bahia Santo Domingo

This was to be our last real deserted anchorage. Although Baja Conception is a very large bay, the anchorages are all in one small area on the north western shore. Alas the highway that runs north to south often comes to within a 100 meters of the shore, so that all the beaches are packed with the RVs from far and wide.

At last the admiral has a smile on her face. warm water, a beach full of shells and within reach of fresh food. The first substantial village, Mulege, is in view across the bay. Also cell and wifi coverage.

December 28th, 2018

From Bahia Santo Domingo to Posada Conception

One month anchorage in Posada Conception with buddy boat.

Yes it is as beautiful as this. The Anchorage we chose was the quietest one, just to the left is a larger bay, Santispak, with a large RV park that encompasses the whole shoreline. Around the corner to the left is Bahia Coyote, it gets more wind and again a busy RV community on shore. Our little bit of paradise was underneath a cliff community of rather expensive houses. This photo is taken from the main Highway. Still we got a great view. We also got a small beach with only boat access. BS is on the far left. Our cruising friends from further south are in the middle and the boat on the left stayed a couple of days then headed south.

Hitch hike to Mulege this was a sea side oasis in the desert. First river with water in it since we arrived in Mexico. Trees and shrubs a beautiful village.


Posada Conception 1 month!

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