Darrius’s best Focaccia bread

Recipe courtesy : Darrius Thomson, Pastry chef, BMSC kitchen

Hello all,

Greetings from Bamfield again ♥ It is like a dream come true to smell and taste a freshly baked focaccia from the oven. I recently had a chance to learn how to make this delicious  bread from pastry chef Darrius. For me it is quite interesting to know how to make it like professional. Darrius has gained  his experienced for several years in a pastry kitchen….. “bubble skin is a good sign” he said.

My experienced for focaccia bread just ok but not impressive. This one is fantastic so I would like to keep the recipe and share with you.

Darrius’s Focaccia Bread Recipe

4 Lt Cold water

65 gr Yeast

222 gr  Sea salt (If I make I will reduce to 170 grams)

350 gr  Extra Virgin Olive oil, plus extra

5 Kg  Bread flour (or 4.41 Lb)

4 hotel pan(s) 4 inches deep

bubble and ready to bake at Fahrenheit 450 for 15 minutes and reduce at Fahrenheit 350 for 15 minutes.

Follow his recipe:

  1. Measure all ingredients : Bread flour, cold water, Yeast, sea salt, Extra virgin olive oil
  2. In a mixing bowl add olive oil + salt + Yeast + Cold water and use low speed to mix for 1 minute.
  3. Add all flour at one time and use medium speed to mix another 22 minutes. Notice dough corporate and not stick at the edge.
  4. Prepare for extra olive oil in a pan. Transfer focaccia dough to the pan and turn over and folding dough like letter shape. Cover with clear film and let rise. (make like this 3 times)
  5. After let dough rise for 3 times you will notice dough has a bubble surface which is a good sign. Next will prepare 4 hotels pan for bake (deep 4 inches) add extra olive oil into each pan. Cut dough to 4 pieces equally and gently transfer to each pan (turn around to coat with olive oil and use finger tips to pinch surface of dough as photo, cover and let rise.
  6. After dough rise so sprinkle with coarse sea salt, oregano or herbs you like. Bake at 450 Fahrenheit for 15 Minutes and reduce to 350 Fahrenheit (low fan)for 15 minutes. (Do not open the oven)