Ladysmith Maritime Society for boat communication & back to Stones Boatyard, Nanaimo

Greetings from Stones boatyard, Nanaimo We are back to work on the hard today and the boat will be in water again after this weekend. Regarding to the previous post about Ladysmith Maritime Society. We have some photos to present the place. One of a good place to stop by with reasonable price and the manager is great! Also this dock open for volunteers who have created a unique boating environment. Warm feeling while stay here.

Make friend with opposite boat a couple from Vancouver. (Jeff and Sandra)

Nanaimo to Ladysmith to meet the radio man 

Warm Stay at Ladysmith Maritime Society 8-9 May 2014 We met Martin for support the radio technical. As a former boat engineer so he is now a well known for specialist to show how to operate HF Marine Radio Transceivers. This one is important to contact  people via sailmail while in the ocean. After spending $460 we are no further forward. I will be calling on Martin to get our sailmail running when we return. Regarding from the previous post. At Ladysmith Maritime Society there are many people do volunteer  work maintaining and renovating old wooden boats, the buildings and keeping the place a live and welcoming. The Marina has a workshop, boat museum, coffee shop and several environmental projects and specialist sailing schools for handicapped sailors and children. The atmosphere feeling like part of Boutique hotel. The manager is friendly and care to support for your need. Place is good and takes care of its facility, kept clean and reasonable moorage price.

The first day we arrived at Ladysmith Stephen noticed the exhaust was not sending water out. He started to trace the problem, and found that the heat exchanger had broken.  A connecting rod had corroded and allowed the unit to come apart. the problem was theta the steel rod had welded onto the end fitting. Stephen spent time of both two days to fix it.

From Ladysmith back to Nanaimo for boat lifting Saturday 10 May 2014 9.00 a.m. Leave Ladysmith Maritime Society 13.00 p.m. Arrived at Stones boatyard and waiting in a queue 14.30 p.m. Boat lifted and wash by boat worker. {They do as duty} There was a rush hours as we book for two hours. Stephen hurry up to changed the transducer for the depth sounders. It was not a good scene to start with. we were kept waiting for over an hour, crap happens, but then everything got pear shaped when the manager wanted to drop us back in the water. I was ready to wage war, I had done a good job putting the previous transducer in and this one did not want to move. Eventually after having smoke coming out off my electric trip I managed to move it. Then the mad dash to get the new one in. The glue all over his arms good stuff the calking compound. As I was busting a gut the owner told us that we had time. Luksana did not tell me this ! But it was in. Apparently the next in the queue  kindly  told her that we don’t have to be rush as they know our plan to the open sea. After rational thought we decided that we would stay overnight to allow the calking to set up , just to be sure. The boat worker at Stones boatyard did very good job and provides things to set up the boat. We stay overnight on the hard. This boatyard surrounded with pubs and provide bathroom and shower. Sunday close so they will not charge on the hard on Sunday. Very warm sunny day and cool down at night.

First time ever not allowed to do any of the cleaning. Strict environment laws here. The crew are allowed only to get rid of a little weed on the hull. The anti fouling is in good shape so we do not need to spend any more money. PTL