Another scones recipe you may like




Greetings from Grande Prairie,

When we first arrived in Grande Prairie during the first week in February the weather was very cold and dry with minus 20, 30. We did not go to the grocery store as often as I wish for.

Today I present the scones to have with coffee or tea.  This recipe use buttermilk and the feature is likely hotel style.  Someone may like tradition style with gentle combine by hand for crumb texture scones.  This recipe will give you a round smooth shape and you can use paddle attachment to help mixing a smooth dough. Regarding in Grande Prairie weather is very cold and dry, I need to use more liquid ingredient (buttermilk) than indicated from the recipe.

As usual I enjoy Carmel’s kitchen to bake this lovely scones. I use a round cutter to cut and the size that is a little smaller than 5.5 cm but is come out fine. I made totally 21 scones for 500 grams of flour.

I feel quite satisfy and to share this another scones recipe and I hope you will like as well.

Have a great week!

Buttermilk scones 

(The recipe  is from I use 1/2 recipe from the original recipe which can make about 20 scones

500 grams flour (I use all purpose flour and cake flour)

30 g baking powder

2.5 g salt

90 g Granulated sugar

80 g unsalted butter

105 g Whole eggs

150 g butter milk, I finally use more than 150 grams because of the dryness of the climate here so the dough is moist and not lump dry

125 g sultanas (Can be replaced with raisins, currants, candied oranges or lemon), I use only 70 grams of yellow raisins that we only have in the pantry.


In a mixer, fitted with a paddle attachment,  mix all the dry ingredients (apart from the sultanas) with the butter until achieving a sandy texture. Pour in the eggs and the buttermilk and mix for two minutes on low speed before increasing to a medium speed for seven minutes.

Towards the end of the mix, add in the sultanas and mix very gently until combined. By hand roll the dough into a very smooth ball then cover with cling film and leave to rest  for 20 minutes. Roll out the dough to a thickness of 20 millimetres and cut with a round 5.5cm cutter – choose the best side for the top. Egg wash twice and cook at 200 degrees Celsius for approximately 15 minutes.


(Ludwig Hely – Assistant Pastry Chef) at The Savoy. Like all the best recipes, the secret is in the simplicity….

  • Use buttermilk for the recipe
  • Add the sultanas or fruit at the end of the mix process so you do not bruise and cause possible discolouration of the dough
  • Use a round shape and don’t make them too big
  • Brush egg wash over the scones twice before going in the oven
  • Make sure your oven has reached the right temperature before putting in the oven – 200 degrees
  • Rest the scone before you serve them