Challenge sailors docked in Prince Rupert

During this week at our Prince Rupert dock.  We have an opportunity to meet with new overseas sailors who have docked here and have shared their experiences with us.

Edvin Borgen from blog A Passage through Ice The young Swedish challenge sailor recently exploring a new route through the Arctic.  He just arrived in Prince Rupert alone late in August with his boat Belzebub before he continues his southward route to Mexico after exploring some sites on the BC coast.

Edvin Borgen (Left) Hairy Ugly bugger (right)
Front of the bow has been modified , you can see the Ice breaker special part to get though the ice.
Edvin spent the last five years rebuilding Belzebub from a wreck to a seaworthy blue water vessel.

Next couple we have met French – Canadian couple Gaston and Lizanne from blog  “Bidule” the french word and boat name is mean ‘Thing a majig’ they have been sailing around the world for many countries for 3 years and they will be continue crossing the pacific to The Marquesas Islands in next spring 2014.

Gaston (Left) and Lizzane (Right)


and we met Mark van de Weg from Northwest Passage 2012 blog and

Mark is from Holland that later he live in Norway. His sailing boat, Jonathan 50 ft Aluminium sailboat has a good insolation to keep warm in low temperature. He is also run expedition charters to take such a scientists, Nature photographer, National Geographic staff to make television and photo. Mark is heading to the south and will cross the Pacific ocean to South Pacific, Pitcairn, Easter Island, Patagonia, Antarctica and South Georgia before sail back to Alaska.

Lizanne (Left) Mark Van de Weg (Right)
Jonathan III docked in Prince Rupert


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