Sailboat refit update for March | Galley sink, Water maker … | D.I.Y. cozy pillowsfor cabin

Continuing from our previous post on installing our ‘new to us’ mast steps we continue our drama on refitting the good ship Beautiful Swimmer. So see what else we have been doing? This post is a summary for March 2013.  Some work is in the middle of completion while some other work needs a weather forecast that does not include snow so we can make an appointment to have the boat lifted out of the water. Prince Rupert is not a big city and choice to get items is narrow if not impossible. We did buy many things online where the price is often very much cheaper.

  • Cabin stowage net. Clothing area that will keep our clothes fresh.
  • Head Sail Ultra Violet protection cover being resown – Thank you for May and Marty for bringing their sewing machine,  but unfortunately just as we where going to plan a vital piece flew into the ocean! New one in the mail
  • Galley sink. French boat, french parts and fittings. After years of trying to fix and buy sink drains(the old ones leaked badly) Stephen eventually made new sink drains from a combination of resources from around the globe.
  • Fresh water maker. We tried several places and eventually had to place in the cockpit locker! We need the boat out of the water to finish the plumbing.
  • Windows leaking

So we removed and took it around to the class shop at 1:15pm. Yes the store closes at !pm @#$%!!!!!

  • DIY pillow for sailboat with left over anchor away fabric continuing from our previous post of DIY sailboat curtain I do love the feather pillow. 🙂 
  • Sailboat dodger

Should we keep and fix it? the feature of long time used made this dodger torn in many parts. The problem is the cost for new sailboat canvas water resistant is pretty high. Sponsor for new sailboat dodger are welcome 🙂


  1. Thank you An-yes for gave words reward to me. Some part of this work is tough but is challenge. Next person to climb to the mast would be me. :v

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