Thai fish patties ‘Tod Man Pla’

Curried fried patties or Deep – fried fish patties called “Tod man pla” in Thai {ทอดมันปลา}

There are different recipes for fish cake or fish patties around the world. Thai fish patties can be both appetizer or as a main dish with rice. The batter is different from western fish patties with more flavors from the fish, herbs and without use of starch. Thai fish patties are always served accompanied  with cucumber relish.

The original classic Tod Man Pla in Thailand was made using the  feather-back fish called Pla Krai in Thailand.  This kind of fish considered very special, tender, clean and fine textured, ideal for making Tod Man. Pla Krai meat is tender and delicate , it becomes sticky when pounded and mixes well with the curry paste, in the past wing beans were used, not green beans or long beans. …read more – Bangkok Post

Now a days, without Pla Krai we still tend to use white flesh fish such as cod, sea bass, sole etc.

Ingredients (Make 8-9 patties)

290 – 300 grams  White fillet of fish, The presentation today I use sole fillet, keep the fish cold before ready to mix.

1 – 3  Tbsp Red curry paste

35 – 40 grams green beans or long beans, thin slices

0.5 – 1 Tsp Fish sauce, 0.5 tsp palm sugar, black pepper (estimated for seasoning)

1 egg, medium

4 – 5 kaffir lime leaves, fine chopped

10 grams  sweet basil, Chiffonade

cooking oil for deep – fry


1. Prepare cucumber relish to accompany serve with Tod Man Pla.

2. Blend all ingredients together step by step, transfer cold fish fillet in food processor or fine chopped by hand. A mixing bowl attach flat beater, add minced fish, red curry paste, chopped kaffir limes leaves and turn speed 4 for a few minutes. Season with fish sauce, fine pound palm sugar, grind black pepper, add egg and continue to beat until incorporate. Stop machine to add slices green beans and sweet basil, at this point beat more only 5 -10 seconds or the vegetables added  they will bruise.

*Without the mixing machine we can pound with mortar like tradition.

3.Transfer curries fish batter to bowl. Use a hand to shape like a ball will get about 8 – 9 pieces, use finger touch a small amount of cooking oil so the batter will not stick to fingers, use finger to press each ball to flat round shape and place on a plate coated with light oil.

To deep-fried, heat cooking oil to medium – high heat, add fish patties one  at a time, deep – fry until both 2 side turn golden – medium brown and inside cooked, be careful and adjust the heat to medium if the patties going to brown quicker or vegetables in patties will turn to black. {taste one piece by use a knife cut to see the texture inside is cooked)

4. Transfer deep-fried fish patties on to paper towel. Set on serving plate, garnish with some deep-fried sweet basil leaves, serve accompany with cucumber relish or great to have with rice.