Spicy Sardines in tomato sauce salad

Spicy sardines in tomato sauce salad ยำปลาซาร์ดีนในซอสมะเขือเทศ

The presentation today is a simple, tasty Thai  dish made with a can of sardines in tomato sauce with selected herbs. Hope you like and enjoy the dish of the day 🙂

Spicy sardines in tomato sauce Salad 


1 can  Sardines in tomato sauce {This one is very good.}

{2 Tbsp thin sliced shallots, 1 Tsp fine chopped spring onion, mint for garnish, Julienne fresh ginger, sweet basil if you like}

Spicy Thai Dressing

1-5 Fresh Thai chili (thin slices), 2 Tbsp  Lime juice, 1 Tbsp Fish sauce {Mix together}


Open sardines in tomato sauce on serving plate, add 1-2 tbsp of dressing and sprinkle with shallots, spring onion and ginger.