Fried Eggplant with pickled soy beans paste

In Thailand there are several eggplants. Small crispy eggplant are popular to use for green curry, eat them fresh with different type of home made chili dipping sauce. Long green eggplant like to grilled and be part of signature salad.

Today I have big purple eggplant. Besides thinking about grilled with olive oil. Make it to having with rice can be a good meal. 





fresh Thai chilli

fresh basil

pickled soy bean paste

light soy sauce

oyster sauce


  1. A deep fry pot add canola oil and turn on to deep fry.
  2. Cut eggplant half and cut into wedge and deep fry until soft. (fork testing) set aside and drain exceed oil.
  3. a frying pan fry garlic and chilli until fragrant then add pickled soy bean paste and combine. Add (deep fried) eggplant and seasoning with light soy sauce, oyster sauce,  black pepper. (add some water if too dry)
  4. Taste and add basil last.
  5. Have with Jasmine Rice is a quick pleasant meal.